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Athena – Why I Loved Fifty Shades of Grey

The other day, one of my more conservative friends came to me positively shocked about the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie. She spoke to me about how it was … Continue reading

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Wandering Falcon – Anime Review: xXxHolic, Spirited Addiction

Hello again ghosts in fleshy shells, how goes the great affliction? Are your minds spirited? Are your souls infected? October is descending rapidly to its all hallowed eve, I have delved once … Continue reading

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The Amanuensis’ Playlist – Ghost Stories

Youth – Daughter Ghost Story – Charming Disaster  Nat King Cole – Mona Lisa Vampire Weekend – I Think Ur a Contra

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Artemis Davidson – Language and Perception? (Part III)

To briefly recapitulate the main points of the last two entries, we have determined that Japanese has some non-translatable differences when we try to translate it into English. The primary … Continue reading

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The Emperor – Quote of the Week: Frank Sinatra

  “The big lesson in life, baby, is never be scared of anyone or anything.”

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Wandering Falcon – Anime Review: Dead Leaves

Punk is not dead, ladies and gentlemen of the omnipresent online jury. Not until those immortal soles have worn through our last great spiritual stomping boots. Not so long as … Continue reading

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The Amanuensis’ Playlist – Stone Lions and Gargoyles

  Vampire Weekend – Campus   Mumford and Sons – I Will Wait   Parachute – Paper Birds   Paper Lions – Travelling 

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